Data & Publications

A number of publications are available describing the design of the DELOS platforms as well as scientific results. Requests can also be made for DELOS data for scientific purposes.

Example data

Fish photographed by the near field close view camera

Example images from the close view cameras.  Clockwise from top left: Synaphobranchus kaupii, Bythitidae, Centroscymnus coelolepsis, Macrouridae, Holothurian, Antimora rostrata


Example images from the wide view cameras. Left to right: Bythitidae, Macrouridae, Rajidae (ray) & Zoarcidae


Oceanographic data collected in 2010 from the Near-field (red) and Far-field (cyan) platforms.


Near field ADCP data

The near field ADCP data set shows current speed and direction out to a range of 80 m above DELOS




The Sonar shows sedimentation processes and possibly fish movements to a range 100 m out to the side of DELOS