DELOS is a long-term (25 years) observatory system situated off Angola in an area of oil and gas exploration at a depth of 1400 m.

The DELOS project is a unique collaboration between science and industry to increase our understanding of the deep water areas in which BP operates.DELOS location map

The DELOS system consists of two platforms located within Block 18, an operational BP oil field around 100 km offshore:

  • DELOS A: 50 m from seafloor oil wellhead (near-field)
  • DELOS B: 16 km from any industrial infrastructure (far-field)


  • Determine long-term natural environmental conditions
  • Measure and monitor deep-sea biological communities
  • Differentiate between natural and man-made changes
  • Understand the pace of recovery from any unforeseen impacts
  • Understand the linkages between deep-sea ecology and climate change
  • Contribute to individual and institutional capacity development in Angola